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1. My sketch showing the scale of the composition, the colours and details based on photographs and my memory of the scene
2. The basic outline drawn with gutta on to white silk and partly painted areas with photographs for colour reference
3. Background painting almost complete, only the sky to do
4. The silk painted background ready for stitching
5. Threads selected and the first section stretched tightly in an embroidery hoop
6. Starting with the top of the hillside, stitching and blending colours 
7. The first section complete and the hoop removed
8. Second section selected, stretched up and stitched
9. The second section completed
10. A new area in the hoop with the rest of the silk background carefully rolled up out of the way
11. The full painted background showing the stitched areas on the left
12. 2 close ups of the embroidered areas
13. Showing the build up of foreground details
14. Before and after
15. More than half completed
16. A close up of the mountain tops where direction of stitch helps with the sense of depth
17. This series of pictures shows the build up of colour and detail of the hillside and foreground tree
18. Almost finished
19. The flowers and foliage stitched into the roadside verge
20. The completed embroidery
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