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ALISONS EARLY CAREER From Art School to her First Studio
For people interested in my career over the last 30 years, this is a selection of slides showing the development of my work through a series of experimental textiles, hand embroidery, sketches, machine embroidery and silk painting.

You can see pieces from my days at Shrewsbury Art School 1974 to 1976 where my primary interest was hand embroidery, more mark-making with threads than conventional embroidery and detailed pencil drawings.

During my 3 years at Goldsmiths I developed my interest in textiles further experimenting more with hand embroidery, dying fabric, batik and free hand machine embroidery.

I produced a series of sketches and fabric samples exploring the idea of manipulating and embellishing ready printed fabrics culminating in a silk hand embroidered shawl.

With a strong emphasis on drawing throughout the course, my love of landscapes and trees was the main inspiration, I investigated detail, depth and perspective.

Fascinated by distant detail and copses of trees I filled sketch books with pencil studies.

I produced lace like trees in machine embroidery on soluble fabrics and used them in layered landscapes within box frames, I sandwiched machine embroidered trees between sheets of perspex to create perspective with physical depth.

I combined dyed silk collage and machine embroidery, imagery included cut and layed hedges and skeletal winter trees

I moved into The Barn Studios in 1982 and produced landscape pictures using silk collage and machine embroidery. I made cushions, bags, waistcoats and quilts based on embellished and appliqued printed fabrics.

Moving on from working from sketches to colour photography in the mid eighties I started to paint the backgrounds for my machine embroideries, expanding my subject matter to gardens and woodlands, the same fascination with achieving depth and perspective in my work continued.

Working from photographs allows me to capture moments in time, I draw directly on to the painted silk with stitches thinking and working like a painter creating colour and texture.

The slides are in chronological order and can be viewed on auto so you can sit back and enjoy watching the progression and development of my work. The gallery section of this website shows my work from 2000 to the present day working in my studio in Oswestry.